About me

Born in 1990, my first ever encounter with a personal computer was back in ’95. Fell in love with video games immediately, and I wanted to be able to make the levels and models in my favourite games. Learnt a bit about 3D modelling from a PC magazine, but this was just theory, and I had to wait another 7-8 years before I got 3ds max from a friend, to try it out.

The very beginnings were difficult, and challenging, all I had was the tutorials that came with 3ds max 6.

When I moved to the capital city, I finally got internet access, and started learning from the free tutorials on the web.

Since then I graduated from university, and finished a 3d Studio Max Advanced Level course at an Autodesk Authorized Training Centre in Budapest, Hungary. It was around this time I started working on my Casio, Ibanez, and Mustang projects.

My interest around 3d modelling has been one of the things through the years that kept me going and made me try out different things with it, this is how I got into V-Ray, SolidRocks, etc. Tried using RealFlow, ZBrush, and a handful of 3ds max plugins as well.

In my spare time I like to play with video games, play the guitar, or watch movies.